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Chiropractic Can Help You Live the Life You Want & Need

“Chiropractic, in its scientific simplicity, is the link between the internal wisdom of life and the body.”


This quote from Dr. Sid Williams, president of LIFE University in Georgia, gives us insight into the principles of Chiropractic and its effectiveness in helping people live healthier, pain free lives. 

Chiropractic is based on Clinical Neurology and advanced Biomechanics of which every function in the human body is directed and coordinated by the nervous system. It is through these sciences that we understand bodies are self healing and self regulating organisms that know how to heal from inside. The same way it knew how to grow from 2 cells into organs, glands, muscles, joints, eyes, ears

and eventually into YOU! The same way a cut heals itself or a sprained or body fights a cold. It will do this as long as there is no interference in the nerve flow and biomechanics of the tissues coordinating this process we call “LIFE”!

You have over a billion cells that make up the joints, muscles, organs, glands and tissues of the body and these cells do over a trillion functions per SECOND! Each function has to work in harmony with all the systems of the body. and this is coordinated by the central nervous system. Lack of harmony between structures and their functions causes dysfunction and symptoms.

People seek Chiropractic care for many reasons such as help with a specific pain or problem, maintain and promoting wellness, or as a natural alternative to drugs and surgery. The chiropractor's primary goal is to help the body tap into this amazing, internal LIFE force by removing interferences to neuro-musculoskeletal conditions including but not limited to Spinal Subluxations

(misaligned vertebral complex) and its biomechanical components (nervous system dysfunction, muscle and joint pathology and dysfunction, stability control disorders, imbalances of and coordination of proper motion and movement patterns).

Subluxations and neuro-musculoskeletal problems can happen at anytime. They can be caused by Traumas, Repetitive Strain injury, Sports Injuries, Prolonged Sitting at a desk or computer or Long Drives, Sleeping poorly and more. Mental Stress and the physical tension it creates can Subluxate the spine. The spine is the “Fuse panel of life” and the nerves are the wires carrying the power, information and instructions to the tissues. Subluxations are in essence “Blown Fuses”(although more complicated).

The results of Subluxations cause sickness and symptoms in the tissues where these nerves or altered biomechanics affect. For some the symptom is Headaches, in others it is Low Back Pain, Neck Pain or Shoulder pain. In others it might be Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Asthma. In children Subluxations may cause a block in the draining of the ear and cause Ear infections. If a Subluxation is left uncorrected it can affect the structure and function of the spine, biomechanics of the muscles and joints, and thus lead to Scoliosis, or start the cycle of Spinal or joint Arthritis.

Only Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct subluxations and neuro-biomechanical problems. We do this primarily through Chiropractic adjustments and procedures complimentary to Chiropractic (ex: Soft tissue release, massage, exercises, Laser therapy).

There are different ways to adjust the spine from hands on adjustments (where you hear gas “popping” out of the joint) to light touch and Instrument adjusting (a spring loaded light force adjusting instrument). At Gregg Chiropractic Life Centre we use many different techniques and will find the best way for you. 


Three years of university education, and an additional four years of intense training in an accredited Chiropractic college is what a Chiropractor achieves to become a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.

The opioid crisis and dangers of Oxycodone and powerful drugs have many people are searching for that safe and effective drugless way to a better functioning body and to live pain free and with more vitality. Masking problems with dangerous drugs can be harmful to your health, and does nothing to enhance your quality of life. Chiropractic is an effective and safe, drug-free approach to better health.


What can chiropractic do for me?

The cost of failing health is so important. When we are feeling ill or pain or simply feeling “sick and tired,” our mind-body says "I can't", and our happiness, vitality, enjoyment of life and people, work and play, and relationships all suffer. Illness costs our lives in so many ways.

When we are healthy, we attract new opportunities and possibilities. We have energy to play, to work, to give or to share with others. Healing with chiropractic pays in so many ways by optimizing your health and quality of life.


At the Gregg Chiropractic Life Centre, we believe in building relationships with our patients and becoming health coaches, educating our patients about health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. Helping our patients live pain-free, healthy lives by maximizing vitality with a healthy spine and nervous system is our mission. We would like to help you on the journey to better health, vitality and quality of life.




Chiropractic: Healthcare concerned with the well being of human kind; mind, body and spirit.

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