Gregg Chiropractic Life Centre Uses the Latest Diagnostic Technology

Latest Diagnostic Technology

Surface Electromyography & Thermography

Here at Gregg Chiropractic Life Centre, we employ the latest in chiropractic neurology technology to assess the body and spine for health-related issues and symptoms. These tests, performed at no extra charge, allow us to be incredibly thorough in our examinations in order to give you the best care possible.

We use the In-Sight 7000 Subluxation Station: A computerized, non-invasive and painless test consisting of Surface Electromyography (SEMG) and Thermal Scan (Thermography). The benefit of this scan is to detect and pinpoint abnormal function which cannot be seen on X-ray. The scan will show if there is any subluxation related dysfunction and how it is affecting the structure and function of your spine, joints, muscles, organs, glands and tissues.

Surface Electromyography (SEMG)

This test measures any disturbances in normal muscle function. We are able to measure the amount of muscle spasms or weakness, which may indicate stress to your nervous system caused by subluxation or joint mobility disorders.

Thermal Scan (Thermography)

This test enables us to determine what organs, glands and tissue are affected by your symptoms. Your skin temperature is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which is that part of the nervous system that you don’t have to think about, such as heart rate, breathing, all organ function and much more. Studies at Johns Hopkins University show the body temperature on the left and right sides of your spine should be the same. A difference of body temperature on the right or left sides of your spine indicates stress on your autonomic nervous system.

For more information about the technologies we use to increase your health and quality of life, please contact us.

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